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    If you're looking for a hybrid, therapeutic-spa experience, you've found your massage therapist.

    Desiree offers - Massage Therapy, Hypnosis, Reflexology, Guided Meditation classes and Bodywork techniques - as safe, all-natural solutions to help women with wellness, such as - weight loss, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and menopausal discomfort, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, tension and pain - in a lovely, calming environment.


    "Best Massage Therapist"

    Reader's Choice 2020 & 2021 Awards

    - Jeffersonian Democrat -


  • Despite common misconceptions,

    Hypnosis is not a "woo-woo", new age practice.

    It is science based.

    The 'American Medical Association' legalized Hypnosis in the 1950s

    “I cannot recommend enough. My goal was to have a healthier lifestyle. Not only did it work to lessens my cravings for junk food - it has also helped me alleviate some of my anxiety - I highly recommend Desiree. You won't be disappointed!" - Ann Hodack

  • Are you ready to...

    Bring relief to aches and pains?

    Lose weight easily without dieting?


    Make healthy habits permanent? 

    Decrease stress and increase joy?

    Reach your wellness goals?

    Sleep deeply throughout the night?

  • Programs and Services

    Hypnotherapy sessions may be done 

    virtually or in-person. 

    Massage of the Mind

    Regular hypnosis sessions to help calm the mind and rejuvenate the body. * Just like with massage, tell me your focus areas, so I can personalize. Also a great alternative to massage for those not interested in a hands-on approach. $70 per session.

    Stress and Insomnia Relief Program

    A holistic program integrating Hypnosis for the mind with Massage and Reflexology for the body, to bring you lasting relief. Click "Schedule Complimentary Consultation" tab for more info on this program. (Hypnotherapy is not counseling nor psychotherapy.) NOW ACCEPTING CLIENTS FOR THIS SERVICE.


    Out with The Old - In With The New Wellness Habits Hypnosis

    Ready to break a habit and replace it with a healthy one? Hypnosis sessions can help you reach your goal - fast. Click the "Schedule Complimentary Consultation" to discuss a plan that will work best for you.  NOT ACCEPTING CLIENTS AT THIS TIME FOR THIS SERVICE. PLEAE MESSAGE OR CALL TO BE PUT ON WAITING LIST. 


    Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia Relief Program

    A holistic program using Hypnosis for the mind with Massage and Reflexology for the body to bring natural relief. Click the "Schedule Complimentary Consultation" above for more info on this program. (A Physician's note will be needed for the Hypnotherapy portion of this service. This is an ethical standard for the industry.) NOT TAKING CLIENTS AT THIS TIME FOR THIS SERVICE. CALL OR MESSAGE TO BE PUT ON THE WAITING LIST


    Natural Fertility Enhancement Program

    This integrative program of Hypnosis and balancing bodywork can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with your medical fertility treatments. (Hypnosis and bodywork are wellness modalities and are not medical procedures.) Click "Schedule Complimentary Consult" tab to learn about this comprehensive program. NOT TAKING CLIENTS AT THUS TIME FOR THIS SERVICE.  CALL OR MESSAGE TO BE PUT ON THE WAITING LIST.

    *Please Note

    All information on this website is for informational purposes only. Desiree does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Her services are intended as supportive and complementary. If you require medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, see a qualified practicioner or physician.

  • Massage & Reflexology


    Women's Wellness

    "One word to describe Desiree, 'Awesome!' " - Lisa Stoehr


    Desiree knows many techniques and incorporates them to achieve your goals whether

    it be pain relief or even fertility!" -Jessica Toth


    "The studio is beautiful and it's so relaxing!" -Tessa Wright

    Swedish Massage

    There is much expected of the western woman and it is time to fill up your cup so you have enough to give back. This traditional western massage is an excellent option for those that want light or medium pressure (some firm pressure for focus areas may be used, if desired) for relaxation, wellness, tension and pain. Regular massage sessions are beneficial to reduce stress, anxiety, pain, tension, insomnia, headaches and mild depression*. As always, Aromatherapy is complimentary. Call to schedule; 814-227-8948


    30 minutes $35 (this is a very affordable option to focus on a particular area)

    Add on hot stones to back only for $5 (Franklin only)


    60 minutes $65 (full body)

    Upgrades for the one hour session;

    15 additional minutes to add foot reflexology massage $10

    15 additional minutes to add massage cupping for a focus area $10

    Hot stones for back only $5. (Franklin only)

    Hot Himalayan Salt Stones Massage 

    (Cook Forest only. Coming soon to Franklin!)


    Smooth, heated stones (and bamboo) are used to enhance massage by five times. There are many women afflicted with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. This is the perfect massage to bring relief* (Contraindicated for those with unregulated HBP, acute injury, acute inflammation, neuropathy and pregnancy.) Complimentary Aromatherapy. Call to schedule; 814-227-8948 


    45 minutes $65 (upper body only)


    75 minutes $85 (full body)

    Spa Massage Experience 

    (Coming soon!)

    If you're wanting a 'pampering' experience to rejuvenate, this is the massage for you. This indulgent, head-to-toe, Swedish massage includes extras like soothing hot towels, hot stones for the back, facial massage, aromatherapy mist and more! Come enjoy your massage in a calm, clean, lovely, studio space with an experienced, detailed therapist.


    90 minute full-body $100

    Integrative Reflexology® For Feet

    Pressure points integrated with foot massage - reflexology has a balancing effect - relieving pain, stress and sleep issues*. Hot Stones and Aromatherapy included in this wonderfully soothing and rejuvenating service. Call to schedule 814-227-8948


    30 minutes $40


    Nurturing the Mother®

    Wise Woman Menopause Massage

    This therapeutic massage supports the changes a woman experiences in her peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopausal stages. Session includes massage, reflexology and other bodywork techniques to address areas that may have been overlooked by other healthcare practitioners. Marketing stats have shown that women age 45-65 are the highest population receiving massage therapy. It is time to give them the focused massage they deserve! Complimentary Aromatherapy 


    60 minutes (full body) $70

    Nurturing the Mother®

    Pregnancy Massage

    A side-lying, Swedish style, supportive massage for expecting mom. Some contra-indications may apply. Schedule a consult for more info.  Pregnancy safe Aromatherapy included with service.


    60 minutes (full body) $70

    Nurturing the Mother® 

    Fertility Massage

    Supportive, balancing and rejuvenating bodywork to enhance fertility." Schedule a consult for more info and to see if appropriate for you.


    $100 per monthly session

    *Please Note

    All information on this website is for informational purposes only. Desiree does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Her services are intended as supportive and complementary. If you require medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, see a qualified practitioner or physician.

  • Covid 19 Safety Precautions

    Due to more contagious variant, masks are being requested by all clients until further notice.  Please wear your most well fitted, effective mask.  FDA approved KN95 and Certified N95 are ideal.  Thank you 😷

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  • Contact Info & Directions

    Integrative Wellness has two lovely locations.

    Cook Forest Studio is located at 1561 River Road, Cooksburg, Pa 16217 which is

    30 minutes from Clarion, 20 minutes from Brookville and 10 minutes from Marienville.

    NEW SECOND LOCATION! Downtown Franklin studio is located directly behind the Courthouse in a lovely Victorian.; 1180 Elk St. 


    1180 Elk Street
    Franklin, PA 16323
    Mon - Fri 10 Am to 7 PM
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